Wow! The first step is always the hardest isn’t it? Information is vital and sometimes can be unavailable, therefore, I want to welcome/introduce you all to my first blog dedicated entirely to matters concerning Information Technology. As an Information Technologist, sharing information is vital to surviving in this competitive industry and with the advent of blogs, distributing this information will be quick and easy. By all means, feel free to comment on the articles I post here and if you have anything you want posted here, drop me a line. Enjoy!


Rael Achieng is an up & coming fashionista…

One can read her blog here…

The 411…: Can you give us a picture of yourself?

She’s A Tomboy: Picture? Sure, I will send you.

The 411…: When did you start blogging?

She’s A Tomboy: It’s been a year since I started blogging.

The 411…: Did you have any specific goal in mind when you began blogging?

She’s A Tomboy: Be a voice for the not so girly girl. I want to encourage them to be bold and proud of who they are, girly or not.

The 411…: What was the first blog you ever read?

She’s A Tomboy: I don’t remember my first blog but I remember my favourites: I Am Galla and He Spoke Style. These revolve around men’s fashion, architecture and travel.

The 411…: How much time per day do you spend on blog-related activities (i.e. writing, promotion, design etc)?

She’s A Tomboy: Hard to quantify per day. Most of the blogging work is done over the weekends: photography, writing, reading. In the course of the week, I just do pushing on social media (takes a few minutes of my day).

The 411…: How do you attract traffic to your blog?

She’s A Tomboy: I heavily push my work through social media, besides that, I follow and comment on other bloggers work and most of them return the favour.

The 411…: What do you think sets your site apart from others?

She’s A Tomboy: The tomboy fashion. I think it’s a field that has not been much explored in the country.

The 411…: On your blog, is there a post that has gotten the most powerful reaction from people?

She’s A Tomboy: Yes! Yes! On That Break. A story about the loss of a pregnancy. The reactions and how other ladies who had been through similar experiences, were really powerful. Moments that make you realize that behind all the smiles, there are painful moments people have been through.

The 411…: In your most creative words, finish this sentence: “To blog means…”

She’s A Tomboy: Blogging is sharing pieces of you with the world.

The 411…: If you weren’t blogging now, what would you be doing?

She’s A Tomboy: Photography, maybe? 🙂


1) Your favorite browser? Google Chrome.

2) Your favorite search engine? Google.

3) Best thing about the Net? You get most if not all the information under the sun.

4) Worst thing about the Net? Can be quite addictive.

5) What is your favorite instant messaging software? WhatsApp, does this count? 🙂

How Technology & Emerging Trends are Impacting Lives…


This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Herbert talks about his love for technology and emerging mobile money tools and the rapid adoption of such innovations across East Africa to drive social change and impact the lives of millions for the better.

Herbert is motivated by the love for technology and emerging mobile money tools and the rapid adoption of such innovations across East Africa to drive social change and impact the lives of millions for the better.

Herbert is from Nairobi, Kenya and is the Chief Marketing Officer of Virtual City, which utilizes simple mobile tools to improve traceability and reduce fraud along agricultural value chains across East Africa through their product Agrimanagr. Agrimanagr is an affordable mobile data management service marketed to agricultural cooperatives and processors that tracks agricultural output from farmer to processor and has so far done this for over 300000 small holder farmers across East Africa. Agrimanagr is poised to have significant social impact on over 3 million regional smallholder farmers and over 15 million lives over the next 5 years.

Herbert is currently pursuing an MBA at the United Stated International University.

C.A.K. to launch common Internet Exchange Point…


The Communications Authority of Kenya has begun a project towards having a common Internet Exchange Point within East Africa. Hence, Internet service provision will soon be spread across East Africa & this is expected to significantly reduce the cost of browsing the Internet and cost of service to customers. The government will implement the East Africa Internet Exchange project in view of the increased Internet usage within the region, which calls for improved I.C.T. infrastructure upgrade. Further, regional integration has also bolstered efforts to provide services on line.

The Internet’s Undersea World…


This infographic provides information about the Internet cables placed under the Earth’s oceans that provide internet for people around the world. The infographic also provides visuals to show where the cables were placed and information about the world’s longest internet cables. It also provides information for how many people were affected by the Alexandria accident.