Never Let A Man Destroy Your Life…

It might be hard to get over the man you love but you won’t know until you try. Women tend to continue relationships that destroy who they are physically, socially & mentally. They give up their individuality, happiness, families, friends, pride, wealth & success in order to satisfy the man in their lives. Face it girls, you’re strong & can achieve so much without anyone’s help. So why let someone destroy what you’ve worked hard for? Appreciate, love & believe in yourselves. Elizabeth Nkau said: “I cooked & cleaned for him, stopped talking to all my male friends, came home early to him, bore a baby for him & what did I get? A promise to get married, which never happened; two other babies from another woman; a string of girlfriends calling his house & a death sentence of HIV/Aids. Was it all worth it? No! I knew all along he was cheating, but I stayed because I loved him. I never realized he didn’t love me back. A man who cheats doesn’t love you, he just likes you. “I’m waiting for my last breath as I lie in my bed, helpless, knowing I’ll leave my child without a mother. “Ladies, please don’t end up like me.”

Send this to all your girlfriends & male friends who can handle the truth…


  1. i wish i was like you. i want out of this relaationship but i just can t. I feel lonely, hurt . iam doing my best for it to work but its just not enough. i realise that i am being abused emotionally.

    1. Honey, You need to love yourself and especially for who God created you to be. Save up and when you can go to You have to decide that you are worth the journey of discovering yourself and standing up to be who God created you to be. It will be the hardest thing you ever do but it’s the road to freedom.

  2. I believe all woman have the potential to leave we just choose not to cause it’s easier well it seems easier but in the long run it kills you before your actually dead. im in complete auw of Elizabeth lady keep your head as high as it is now if not higher..

  3. Women are the most powerful species to roam the earth. No matter how much some men try to break her, this power within her can never be destroyed…all because she is WOMAN!

  4. wow guys i relate well to this story, but i really dont have the strength to move out. May her soul rest in peace

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