Father: A Title or a Position?

In the US, over 70% of the African American children are born to unwed mothers. Of this population, 50% of the males do not graduate from high school. This has been connected to the lack of male role model (dads) for this young males.

Eventually, so many of these males end up in jail, and thousands are killed in gangs and shootings. Those who make it through high school are not motivated to go to college and they end up working in fast food restaurants for the rest of their lives.

Although this cast is in America, it is also encroaching  in our African society. There is a lesson we can pick from this scenario. As fathers we mean a lot to our sons and daughters. They need us at home to provide their needs and motivate them in all aspects. Beside a having a title of a “father” we need to face all the responsibilities that comes with that position.

Fathers (current & future) what is your opinion?

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