New type of SMS Fraud…


This is a message I came across a mailing list I’m a member of & I thought it might be worth sharing with you readers. Anybody come across something similar?


I have two friends who received threatening Sms Messages purporting to originate from hired killers. The messages originated from different numbers and I have been thinking that its a new type of fraud because in one of the instances, the ‘Killers’ requested for 30,000 to be sent via Mpesa to a particular number so that any further action can be forestalled. The sms message from the number 0735974157 read as follows…

‘Okey !! There is a fellow business man . who is behind your life. Am a killer if you want help  call us now.’

In case you call and happen to be very scared you can imagine that you will just fall into their trap and they will get to know more about you and progress further with their threats. However if you ignore such a message they could just re-send once more before they give up.

My friend happened to have been going through a legal dispute case and so it appeared so real to her. She called to find out the details but that made things worse and for a number of days she could not eat and was really scared. She reported the case to the police for investigation. My other friend who had got almost similar message just wondered who would want to ‘Kill’ him and for what reason. He just ignored the second message sent to him and I therefore thought to myself that this is just a case of attempted sms fraud.

The fraudsters know that people have problems of every kind so they chance to prey on unsuspecting people who may be conned out money easily. I think the 30k Mpesa amount is carefully chosen as this is the max limit one can send in a single transaction. In case anyone has come across such types of messages please report appropriately to the police and mobile service provider.

Please also share in this forum so that we can get to know the extent of the problem. Is there a journalist in this forum  who can investigate this scam and publicise accordingly? I can imagine there are people out there suffering silently.



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  2. Has anyone recieved any sms of persons threatening to harm some one with witchcraft? then they ask you to send some money. I jusdt wonder how they manage to know your details and when you change the number they sometimes find it.dont know how?

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