1. i think mc affee iz tha shiznit for laptops n pcs that are not always on the net but for machines tha are 247 on the net kasperskey i would prefer

  2. Kaspersky ranks best in its engine and algorithm for searching and healing viruses infected in PCs.
    However, there are times it cannot successfully clear viruses. In such moments, i use online virus removal tools offered by Symantec.
    In my opinion, Kaspersky is great but for some threats you need to use other virus removal tools

  3. Most people most of the time tend to associate what they own/use with the “best option” – like in this case the anti virus software, in my case I’d argue that AVG premium is by far the lightest and most efficient anti-virus, which most probably is, but again since i use and experience its power.

    The stark reality is that, all these “anti viral software are just but brand names. Most of them can’t do everything again, and if they can then they tend to hog almost all the system resources.

    My 2cents worth of arguments

  4. I can’t speak on a point of authority though I’ve used most of the antivirus software listed here, because mostly I use Kaspersky which is efficient enough for me.
    I’ve used Avira which I liked, same as Avast.
    AVG Free helped me when I was broke…
    I don’t like McAfee, it rarely cleans anything (well, at least the one I used)
    As for Norton, it’s a headache when it comes to uninstalling and it uses too much memory or space or whatever…computer resources.
    That’s my 1 million bucks worth!

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