Citizen’s Watch: Samuel Ngure Kariuki…

Believe it or not, the young man pictured above is the mastermind behind some of the fradulent SMSes you have been receiving on your cellphones. He’s also responsible for fraudulent advertisements that appear on our daily locals, especially in the classified section as well as the lonely hearts column. Buying a car or plot? Looking for a house?  Looking for a soulmate? Be very warned that most of those advertisements originate from within prison cells!

He has in the last four years been behind bars at the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison where he’s on death row. The sad thing is he’ll soon be among us if his appeal goes through. He has been working with fellow conmen who are in our midst to swindle innocent wananchi of their hard earned cash. Thanks to the naivety of most Kenyans, this young man has become a millionaire behind bars & now employs several conmen who help him do what he knows best, coning you & I!

This is a man who’ll do anything, impersonate anyone just to make you part with your money. If you’re wondering how he does it behind bars without meeting you, he’ll always claim to be busy in & out of the country & as such has to leave most of his work to his “personal assistant” (employed conmen outside prison), therefore, you’ll never question his absence until you’re robbed, after which he throws away that SIM card & moves on to his next victim. His tactics are very well organized & it’s very hard to even imagine that he’s behind bars; don’t we all now know that inmates usually have access to high tech mobile phones & even laptops that enable them to communicate to the outside world as though they were not in jail? Samuel Ngure Kariuki is one untouchable inmate at the “Condemn G” block, nicknamed “Garrisa Lodge” due to the fraudulent business deals that take place with the outside world…

The way his appeal case at the high court is going, there’s every indication that this man will be back among us, moreover, we can’t talk of any reforms on his part. If anything, the prison has only made him a better conman & thief! It’s with this in mind that we request you to circulate this. Who knows? He may soon join your neighbourhood, he might come knocking at your office selling you stuff that only exits on paper or your church… He might even become your friend’s boyfriend, who knows? Fact is, he’s very gentlemanly in his ways, very eloquent in his English & you’ll never suspect he’s a conman & thief.


  1. He looks handsome and innocent.
    a young man who can propose to me and accept. I can’t believe this.

    That is why it is said don’t judge the book by its cover.

  2. Hi I love your blog though this is my first visit…it’s very informative.
    I’m a Kenyan in the IT industry too…I’m looking forward to reading more from you.


  3. I hear this guy pays for his family’s upkeep from jail. He has a brother in a private university, whose fees he pays, he supports his jobless sister as well as his parents. Sad thing is that the family is so saved, they pretend they are not beneficiaries.

  4. ye without sin cast the first stone!pray for the guy and others and stop the holier than thou attitude.How different is he from our dear politicians,police,doctors,lawyers,journalists….and you?

  5. I watched in disbelief the NTV feature the other day on how convicts swindle guys millions of shillings thru fraudulent adverts in paper. We must be so desperate as a nation in this hard economic times to send money to strangers, in search of jobs, love etc. Please circulate this so that Kenyans are aware

  6. Romours have it that this guy has threatened to kill some of his victims, with some of them opting to leave the country. Surely, I pray that someone will be brave enough to put a bullet on his forehead before he destroys more Kenyans.

    @Sam, you sound like a conman yourself…I wouldn’t be surprised if you are him, or even part of his entourage. What a lame excuse!! Shame on you.

  7. With our current judicial system, it is possible that this guy will be out soon, if he isn’t already. Bribing judges is the order of the day in Kenya, so criminals like Samuel Ngure will continue doing what they do best, after all, they can easily buy their way out of Kamiti.

    I also heard that he boasts that he does not know how prison food tastes like despite being in Kamiti…yeah, that is the Kenya we live in, do not be shocked!!

  8. I know this guy. He’s from our estate, Koma. Karis, the kid bro who is in daystar is among those who help him. Even his bro should be in Kamiti too. And to think that Ngure is in Kamiti for a worse crime!

  9. This is very good. The public needs to be made aware of such criminals who have decided that they are too special to toil…he may be a millionare, but pay he must, in whatever way. What goes around always comes around. The public is also not so forgiving, especially in these hard times. He may be digging his own grave. Kudos to you guys for exposing him.

  10. Hehehe…Sammy’s family is laughing all the way to the bank, sorry, to mpesa joints while we sit here and hate on him. Am sure he is like a mini god to his siblings. Man! He manufactures money from Kamiti prison!

    Maybe somebody should hook me up with him, but on the other hand, I do not want to become a widow mapema. These are the Matheris and Wanugus of this world who make chums in a short time, then leave it all to their families to spend, while they themselves move on six feet under…food for termites.

  11. Am sure its the kid bro who places the adverts for him in the daily locals. I think prison wardens must be assisting him too. How do you have a cellphone/laptop in ”a maxim security prison” yet the wardens are not aware?How can he have access to civilian clothing if the wardens arent aware? which means one day he shall just walk out and vanish. It must be a cartel and they must be benefiting from these con games.
    But life has a way of twisting humans, what goes around comes around……….

  12. Of course it is a very well organised cartel. I have been to kamiti severally to visit a relative and you wont believe the clad those guys don. They have the latest designer clothes, cologne…

    Samuel is just one of them. But atalipa tuuuu, as baba Jimmy would say. He should not think himself lucky. Saddest thing is that he can easily bribe the judges na hata usikie he was pardoned.

    As for his entourage, hata wao wataanikwa tu. This operation mulika mwizi is super.

  13. yaaani!! All along we were made to believe that this guy is in states…kumbe amekuwa kamiti all along! Whaaaaaat! I need a drink!!

  14. It is really unfortunate that even in these hard times, people like Samuel Ngure can rob poor Kenyans off their hard earned cash. He is still very young so there is plenty of time to pay for his sins. A big pity that he will be out soon….

    I wonder what our prison authorities are doing about criminals like him.

  15. Calling this guy a conman is an understatement. Remember the guy is in prison for a worse crime, from where he joined the business of con-artistry, now he networks with the best hitmen in town to silence his victims. He is a killer!!

  16. It is sad to note that this young man has actually become a neater, cleaner and clever fraudster as opposed to when he was sentenced 5 yrs ago. I often ask myself this question, what if he was put there for all the wrong reasons and maybe just maybe he may have been innocent? remember when you are in an akward position you must position yourself to fit into the society you find yourself around . For instance within Kamiti prison condemn block G, here you will find muderers, rapists, gansters who are really hardened and for you to survive their harrasment you have to buy your way, thus the compelling urgency to become a fraudster so that you may keep a float amidst all the atrocitys. Not withstanding the inhumane acts subjected upon them by the prison warders, as such they have learned to quickly adapt.

    Instead of condemning them i think we should rally for a better correctional system and judicial system that does not sleep on the job. i know a couple of people who have been arrested and sentenced under mistaken identity and they have had to suffer the mental, physical and emotional torture of being amidst hardcore criminals, in as much as such a person may have been timid, this horrifying experiences makes them hardened and determined to do anything to keep them alive..

    Look at the coin from both sides and dont just look at the head or tail, remember this is someones brother, cousin, husband, son and friend.

    Thats my opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs….

  17. @incognito, it is hard to look at both sides of the coin when you are the victim. So what do you tell the victims?…”eeh, uh ummm, Samuel is a good kid gone bad, it is unfortunate that someone had to be his victim, and we are sorry it had to be you…” Are his victims too not people’s sisters, brothers, husbands, wifes, parents?

    This guy should pay for every single tear he has caused….it’s not just the loss of money, think about the emotional, psychological torture he continues to put his victims through. Infact just paying his victims would never ever be enough to undo the damage he has done to his victims. He is an animal!

    Let it be known to him and his beneficiaries that one of these days he will wish he had never ever entertained the thought of conning innocent Kenyans. He will wish he was never born.

  18. Con artistry isn’t new in this family, it only gets better with generations. Ngure’s mum is a 2nd wife, married to a very old man, a very opportunistic marriage which has seen his biological kids lose their inheritance to these bastard kids. Con game at its best!

  19. why all the fuss and ado about ngures antics? wise or otherwise,the truth remains that all his victims are those greedy gold diggers yearning to get rich overnight.when the deal is too good,think twice.

  20. I don’t know if to pity this young man or to condemn him. He sure deserves the worst punishment but on the other hand I pity him. There is no excusable reason for whatever deeds he is doing, and in the end he will only manage to put the family he is trying to help in worse shit than he thinks. It is a pity that this is the route he chose for himself. Well, he shall reap the fruits therefrom.

  21. I wonder what both the prison authorities and the police are doing about this monster. He is one of the reasons capital punishment should be implemented. We don’t need such animals amongst us. What makes him think him & his family can just rob Kenyans and live in peace? He needs to be dealt with in the most painful way possible, the same way he continues to inflict pain on his victims.

    And if the concerned authorities are unable to discipline him, let him be released back to us, we will deal with him proper. Keeping him in Kamiti is like offering him protection. Let him be released so that he can face the wrath of his victims, if not, his family will face it on his behalf, the same way they are enjoying his ill-gotten money.

  22. tihihi…this Samuel guy must be a celeb by now, he is so famous. Maybe he should try lobbying for kamiti to be made a constituency then he can become the MP! hehehe….

    So what is his brother studying at Daystar, criminology? he he he. Big brains! Good, at least we know the bullets wonts miss the target! And one day their victims will feel vindicated.

  23. People like Samuel exist among us because we as Kenyans do nothing about. Back where I come from, such people are mob-justiced to death. I remember when I was young, 2 such young men, brothers, were burnt to death by villagers, and their mother beaten senseless for protecting them, and hiding for them stolen stuff in her bedroom. That was just one of the many cases that I witnessed. There were many others. If we rely on our justice system, these people will rule us…..

  24. Shame on you Ngure, and your holier than thou mother. I remember she even extorted money from us ati to pay for your brothers school fees. Kumbe all along you have been having a side biashara of conning people. You should all rot in hell. NKT!

  25. After reading comments of shallow minded, rumormonger’s & hypocritical guys like ALEX, HANNAH, ENGINEER (obviously ur not an engineer), kennie, sue, and the rest of those guys who think they’ve been called to judge, I have two words “African mentality”. same reason you cant even vote right but you forever mouth about bad leadership.
    If its true that all the allegations held against Sammy are founded then vengeance is for God.

  26. Okothe, it is true. Sammy is a conman. I know one of his victims. I personally know his family, even the mother. And let no looks deceive you, this is so true. He is a conman and even though his mother may do everything in her power to protect him, it is true.

    And if vengeance is God’s then we only have to wait and see…because surely he shall pay for all his deeds! I am waiting to see God fighting for all his victims. I wish you knew the kind of pain he caused one of his victims…….I wish you knew, you would take back your words.

  27. It is not fair that police continue killing innocent Kenyans while people like Samuel continue roaming our streets. His whole family should be exposed…whatever happened to the good old days of mob justice when we did not have to rely on the corrupt judicial system????

    Someone should do something….soonest!

  28. Guys, his judgement was scheduled for 22nd March 2010. NOTE, THE JUDGEMENT WAS FOR A PRIOR CASE OF ARMED ROBBERY, not even the conning games he has been engaging in. If they release him, I hope someone will be sensible enough to check him out of this world before he ruins more lives. It is UNFAIR if they release him, but hey, I hear he has made enough chums to buy those judges. Let us wait and see.

  29. For all you who think Samuel is a saint, just go to the high court registry, ask for file number CRA 372/06, file name SAMUEL NGURE KARIUKI. This is for his current case, and the info is available to the public and the media as well.

    We hope one of his victims will give him some justice as far as the kamiti mpesa fraud cases are concerned. HE MUST BE PUNISHED!! AND WE CANNOT RELY ON OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM AS IT IS NOW.

  30. Sue.. You sound so bitter about Samuel’s family, could you be one of the victim and if yes can you proof the allegation. It would be so shamful to you and everyone else if you are contributing to tear a good family down.could be someone somwhere is just all smile when we contribute to this malicious damage of a person’s character
    May the God of Jacob remember you all in His Judgement. Its just an opinion whch i am entitled to!!

  31. If you people knew the kind of animal this Sam is, you would be apologizing to his victims…who have even received death threats for speaking out. Why did his mother change her mobile number after promising to pay back part of what the son had stolen then defaulted? OUR TEARS REACH THE SAME GOD THEY PREACH. YES, WE WANT HIS VENGEANCE! SHOCK ON YOU IF YOU THINK SAM IS INNOCENT.

  32. kijo, you mean the Mother should pay for her son’s mistakes.. Guess your one of them Gold diggers who want to reap where they did’nt work..
    And again,you seem to knw the family well why dnt you go face them.. I’d really want to knw what you do yourself Kijo you seem idle, coz even going through the comments they all seem yours its only that you’ve being changng ur identity… Convince me more,there seems to be no gd base for ths issue. Damn!

  33. DUNCAN MUNYAO. This is one of the conmen that runs Ngure’s errands. Please BE WARNED that this is a very powerful cartel even though it seems some people are determined to post anything here to protect Ngure’s reputation.

  34. Ngugi, Ngure is a conman, whether you believe it or not. He knows this, his family knows this, the police know this, the prison authority know this….at the end of the day, maybe it is you they laugh at when they read your comments.

  35. There is recent evidence that this Ngure guy is still trying to kill some of his victims. He is using people out of prison to masquerade as prospecting clients asking for appointments. Please be warned, DO NOT AGREE TO MEET STRANGERS WHO CLAIM TO KNOW YOU YET YOU CANNOT REMEMBER THEM. IF YOU MUST, MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT MEET THEM ALONE, IF POSSIBLE, MEET THEM IN A GROUP, AND ONLY MEET THEM IN VERY PUBLIC PLACES. AVOID GIVING DIRECTIONS TO YOUR HOME AND PLACE OF WORK TO STRANGERS!!

  36. The other day my colleague got a call from some guys that they had a parcel for him from the UK and insisted that he had to m-pesa some 3k before they could release it to him. Luckily my collegue does not have any relatives from there, just a few friends. He called his friends who confirmed that they had not sent any parcels. He suspected they were conmen and told them to keep the parcel, thats when they started insulting him. The following day he confirmed that that particular number was being used by a gang of conmen. Dont send money to strangers.

  37. 2 weeks ago one of Ngure’s victims received a call from a person purpoting to be a prospective employer. He claimed that he had received her CV and wanted to schedule an appointment with her, but on further questioning he refused to say which company he was calling from. Luckily this lady knew she had not applied for a job anywhere so she knew from the word go that these were conmen, probably looking for a way to get to her, as she has severally received death threats from Ngure.

  38. the guy is a winner jo, hiding behind church! I actually heard about his behaviours first time from our church, I know the mother and an elderly guy who am not sure is the father but I don’t know the guy himself….aaiii, Kenya kuna matata kweli!

  39. This guy is now using foreign numbers (ugandan and tanzanian numbers) to threaten his victims. It seems the registration of sim cards in Kenya is going to put them out of business but they are determined to silence their victims even if it means acquiring foreign numbers.

  40. This incident happened to a colleague recently.A bad experience indeed.

    He received a call from someone claiming to be calling from Safaricom.The caller was very composed.

    The caller told him ‘thank you for being our loyal and valuable MPESA customer.You recall we had initially given you a black Sim card but changed to green”.He answered in the affirmative.The caller then went ahead to tell him that Safaricom was running a reward promotion scheme for their loyal MPESA customers and went ahead to ask him to confirm his National ID number and year of birth.Unsuspecting,he disclosed that information.Coincidentally his birth year was also his Mpesa pin no.

    The guy posed for a while and asked him whether 19- – (say 1967) was his year of birth.He again answered in the affirmative.

    The caller then told him he would be sent Nokia 8230, but before then he needed to dial *33*0000# ,which he did.He was then told not to call or transact anything using his line for the next ten minutes as they perfrom transactions,purportedly at Safaricom,facilitating the process of receiving the Nokia 8230 set.He complied.He is asked about his current location,which information he gives.

    After 10 minutes he tried to call back the number to confirm status of the alleged gift only for the following message to appear :”Barring all outgoing calls activated for SMS services activated for all data circuit async”.

    After 15 minutes the wife calls him on his alternate line claiming that some one had called her using his (husband”s ) safaricom line telling her to send them Ksh.10,000 for his release from arrest.She is baffled and hence decides to use alternate line,only to discover he is safe and sound.

    In the meantime the wife calls safaricom to block the line,but it was too late,as all the money in his MPESA had been withdrawn.

    What is apparent is that this line was blocked by the code he typed ,viz *33*0000#.

    The question uppermost in mind is how it could be unblocked without some form of connivance by Safaricom staff.He had a substantial amount in his Mpesa account.Could these thugs be getting targeting lines-with good balances through connivance with Safaricom staff.

    It is unlikely Safaricom will admit culpability,but tujichunge wenyewe.Keep safe.

    The caller identified himself as Alex Omondi(Of course fake name) and called using 0720 464 777

    Guys,kaeni chonjo

  41. Ronald Azinga, another conman, very educated, very professional. He has a job but also has a part time job conning innocent women.

    Other numbers used by the kamiti conmen are as follows, some have already been discarded, others are still in operation, so watch out.
    0722 763293
    0713 046738
    0722 666712
    0720 177426
    0722 149373
    0722 609461
    0738 347242
    0735 093963

  42. Very sad is the fact that even his parents were in this thing…they did not mind benefiting from ill gotten wealth yet they are such spiritual people, always praying for other people before they can pray for their own family. They should know that some day they will regret because they cannot escape the consequences of what their son has done, and the fact that they shielded him. Do they ever stop to wonder what ever happened to the people Ngure conned? Do they ever stop to wonder about the pain they caused his victims by shielding him and bribing judges to get him out of kamiti?

  43. Hi people,

    I would also like to add to this list of conmen a man who goes by the name of MICAH OMWOYO, who lives in NAKURU, and works under the name BOOKWELLS. He has conned many people who have never had the guts to report him because of his never ending promises. This afternjoon I got a call from his wife who notified me that she is fed up of being the wife of a conman, and that someone should be brave enough to report him. As I write this I have prepared to sue him fow monies he owes me for merchandise worth over kshs 100k which he has been promising to pay week afer week byt i am fed up of his promises. I am determined to expose him for the conman he truly is, operating under the guise of a holier than thou man of God. Poeple, BEWARE, KUNA WATU NA VIATU! lET ME LOG OFF NOW, i HAVE A CONMAN TO EXPOSE.

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