1. In my opinion I believe there’s no really an OS that can satisfy the use of the adjective “BEST” why? Because the client OS that one decides to use is most often dictated by what one does in the IT realm! I am an application developer/web designer. Windows XP is so far the best client OS suitable for me. For another guy, probably a Sys admin Linux would be best! My two cents

  2. I respect windows for their great work and the support they enjoy in the market, but I take this opportunity to inform you about a new operating system ‘HAIKU’. It is based in Beos from BE systems. It a fully multimedia OS for client operations. So far it is the fastest I have ever seen. its kernel is based on possix but it is not a linux distribution or a unix version. They released the first release in september.

    I got copies and on contact I can avail them to whoever is interested to try them.

  3. True dat, XPP is still one of the best OS ever designed, however am begining to like win7. it also gives more functionality and its versatile when it comes to multimedia

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