1. i tried to connect my office in Muranga and AccessKenya confirmed that they cannot provide , I had to go with Swift Global

  1. Hi

    I wanted to vote on the poll but you havent got the all the ISPs listed, e.g where is KDN- the ones who provide the fastest speeds and best offers on the market?

  2. I vote for swiftglobal.It offers the best and quality internet.Good customer care throughout.Kudos swiftglobal

    1. Wanja, I’m pleasantly suprised! I thought Access Kenya would take the cake… Personally, I voted for Internet Solutions!

  3. Swift global is a good ISP.Apart from internet they have othe VAS.MPLS we are one of otheir customers and service is good.Am happy that swift is picking up to previous position.Their network too has extended country wide.Onsite customer support response is excellent.

  4. Swift Global Isiolo we sailing with u.Good service and network stability.But there is room for customer service improvement.

  5. KDN has spreaded across the entire country even to the remotest places that you can name, to East Africa and now to Central Africa! They have the strongest network with clients such as safaricom, zain,Kq not to forget all banks and even isp’s……..to all @KDN keep that data flowing!!!

  6. For me it is clear, KDN if you know what you are doing and Swift Global if you need some extra help with your network and router.

    Nobody beats KDN in terms of network size and stability. Even when connecting on a simple WIFI connection through their Butterfly I was able to get more than 10 megs speed … Downloads are faster than opening files from my laptop …

    KDN should just get more publicity!

  7. Is KDN an ISP or Backbone provider?.We need to know this.
    -On my opinion swiftglobal is a good service provider.

    1. Tabby

      There now is a unified license that allows the likes of KDN to provide internet services. In that sense it is an ISP

      1. I must add that I cant complain about their services either. They basically deliver what they promise. I even make voip calls to any provider on the cheap and when travelling from their izzytalk.co.ke website. Quite innovative and a first.

  8. Hi,

    I started with a KDN Wifi connection and can only say that nothing beats this in price and speed. Since then I have upgraded my cyber to a fiber connection curtesy of KDN and my users are getting speeds they cannot believe. I did compare prices and have to say that the likes of AK and SC are surely not even close to what KDN can offer. My users are happy and so am I ..

    1. hey steve.. am looking for a cyber with download speeds averaging 2mbps(capable of downloading 2 gb in 10 minutes).please give me directions to your place if thats the speed.

  9. Swift Global still rule being the first ISP i have never thought of changing to anything other that having a Swift connection , Swift keepup the good work !

  10. KDN without a doubt. Safaricom are getting their fiber link from KDN, aren’t they? an d how much are they paying KDN for this ? Their MD is a genius.
    Yes, they are a backbone Providers, but frankly speaking, they beat the rest because of their Infrastructure. (Keep it Simple ,Stupid).

  11. Internet Solutions is notch higher…..it is a true pan african converged communications provider with a global footprint. Being a division of Dimension Data implies that they are listed in both Joburg Stock exchange and London stock exchange. Being with IS is the ultimate choice!!

  12. Hey mike,i think the search should be more refined.Internet Solutions is the best for corporate + Access Kenya,the rest is for home users.

  13. Hey U guys have been commenting about how good swift global, KDN, Internet solution is off the hook, but can any one recommend me which is the best internet provider that can has unlimited “DOWNLOADING” let alone browsing and streaming at “AFFORDABLE” price.


  14. Hi guys, i have read you commenting on KDN,AK,Swift.network size & stability etc….have you tried contacting their customer service lines??????how long did it take your complain to be ticketed leave alone resolved? have you tried Xtranet 5003000? Xtranet provides not only internet connections on Fiber, Wimax and satellite but also values added services that incorporates IP telephony, Hosted services, IP surveillance etc. we do p2p,point to multipoints, WAN etc. our customer service has been attested and voted the best amongst corporates and home users. Xtranet has not only grown to be the best supported ISP/ASP but has also spread its coverage throughout East Africa and noone can beat their prices as well. so i vote Xtranet the Best ISP at the moment.

  15. I’m starting to think Swift Global guys are the repeat voters my blog is picking up… 😉 [ mx1.swiftglobal.co.ke ]

  16. Am looking for an ISP to install internet in the rural Kenya (Nyanza Province). Which one is the best? Need info by 10th March 2011

    1. hi i jst saw your comment and was just wondering if u got the solution yet? IF NOT LET ME KNOW AND I CAN GIVE YOU ONE IMMEDIATELY PLEASE,thanx and i look forward to serving you.

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