M-Pesa Fraud – Agents Beware!


Reposted with permission from gmeltdown. The original article can be found here…

Tricksters & dishonest people have always existed in our midst. It is definitely naive to imagine our techno-savvy way of life is an exception to the old age social patterns. This afternoon, an M-Pesa agent was a victim of a new line of M-Pesa fraud.

On Febuary 1st, 2009 in a peri-urban setting about 24 kilometres from the Nairobi City Centre:

  1. Around 2:00 p.m., a lady & gentleman who looked to be in their mid-twenties visited an M-Pesa outlet, claiming to be Safaricom supervisors. The two wore valid looking M-Pesa badges & even carried M-Pesa promotional material for the outlet. The two inspected the outlet’s logbooks and left. NOTE: It is normal for Safaricom to send supervisors to routinely inspect various parameters on operations of M-Pesa outlets. The supervisors usually wear Safaricom badges & often take with them M-Pesa promotional material to the outlets.
  2. About 20 minutes  after the purported supervisors left, an old-looking man estimated to be in his late 50s or early 60s, came to the same outlet requesting to withdraw K.Sh. 35,000. The man was allowed to withdraw the desired K.Sh. 35,000 & went ahead to initiate the withdrawal from his phone, as is the normal procedure.
  3. Shortly after, the outlet attendants received an SMS purporting to record & authenticate the old man’s withdrawal transaction. The SMS received by the attendant had a valid looking M-Pesa transaction number & the old man’s purported names which were verified against an original national ID which he presented.
  4. The M-Pesa attendant, convinced about the validity of the transaction (just like hundreds of others processed daily), gave the old man an inital K.Sh. 30,000 & was reaching out for the remaining K.Sh. 5,000. Before the extra amount could be retrieved, the old man calmly signed the outlet transaction & walked away saying he would come for the remainder later.
  5. The M-Pesa attendant continued with the next customer, expecting their float to have increased by K.Sh. 35,000 as a result of the withdrawal. The expected float was then not reflected in the valid M-Pesa SMS after the next customer’s transaction, raising a red flag to the M-Pesa attendant.
  6. The M-Pesa attendant shortly after called 234 – Safaricom’s M-Pesa service line – for clarification & the service support person on the other end reported that the transaction withdrawing K.Sh. 35,000 wasn’t reflected in the M-Pesa system.
  7. Alarmed at the Safaricom claim, the M-Pesa attendant frantically attempted to call out for the old man who had disappeared by then without a trace.
  8. Late in the afternoon, the M-Pesa attendant went to the police station to report the incident. The police officers took initial details & promised to visit the outlet the following day for further investigations.

A number of discrepancies have since been highlighted on the fake M-Pesa SMS which is copied & pasted below:

P47DT685 confirmed on 01/02/2010 at 2:20 PM Give KSh 35,000 to DANIEL MAINA New M-Pesa balance is Kh 42,049

Sender:MPESA +254771831462

I shal leave the analysis of the text & resulting fraud to the reader for now.

According to the Safaricom M-Pesa support person, the M-Pesa attendant only has to count their loss as no indemnity is payable to the attendant for their predicament. When the known Safaricom / M-Pesa representative for the affected region was contacted, they disowned the “supervisory” visit by the lady & gentleman 20 minutes before the “withdrawal” was requested. I wonder how many more M-Pesa agents have fallen pry to this new M-Pesa trickery?


  1. For me i sent Ksh 1500/- which was confirmed as sent. The other party also got sms to confirm reciept but the account was not updated. 2 days left after frantic calls and final visit to Koinange customer care, the money was refunded. Apparently there was a number where the cash was diverted. The frauds can divert everything or just a tiny amount so that u dont know. always check your actual balance.

  2. On 18/4/11 I received a message from a Mr. Maxwel Mutinda of phone no. 0703324830 that he had sent me ksh. 4800 from m-pesa agent no. BH46VS6a51. Since I did not Know him, I called back to know whom was. In reply he said he had send the money to me by mistake He pleaded that I return his money. I returned his money minus 25/- for sending. The m-pesar eply indicated That I had send him my own money of 4775/-! I was shocked. Is there any way in which this person can be found to return my money? What are you doing to check these cases of fraud.
    My phone no. is 0722781440.

    Richard Wafula Mangara- Id. number 5689515.

  3. Pole Guys but Safaricom will never help you. A client paid me to provide him with services, which i did, a day later the client reversed the transaction, I informed Safaricom and 2 months now down the line they always tell me “we will get back to you”
    When I cams to Fraud messages, please check your balance from the mpesa menu before returning the cash. NEVER BE TOO GENEROUS

  4. I advice all the m-pesa users if you get any message that claims to be m-pesa or money send to your account just tell the person who claims to have send the money wrongly to call customer care for his reversal of his money that is what i did after someone send me a message and claiming his has send money to me!Indeed that thing looks to be true if you are not keen to see let them call customer care for assistance.don’t
    send back anything

  5. i have a complain regarding a certain fraud that happened on 1st april .i request you to investigate a certain number which i suspect are in the same cartel .thank you

  6. how does safaricom help for lost m-pesa money through wrong transactions and money widthrawn before reversal?yesterday a customer came for help to reverse money send to him wrongly which didnt exist and i didnt realise earlier,but the customer had been called by the money claimer who directed him to me as an agent,so in the process of helping him i ended up losing all my m-pesa float,,and when i asked 4 reversal all money had been transfered from the persons account,please i need safaricom to help me get that 20000,,agent no is 409170

  7. Hey u guyz i dont know you neither your app someone holding account in your company has wrongfully used his account details and done a purchase do something or else i will take a strict action against it

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