2016: The Most Epic Movie Ever!


Reposted with permission from Diasporical. The original article can be found here…

Step aside Captain Alex… You have been outdone in every possible way!

The rest of you, please watch this trailer and understand that African Sci-Fi is taking over.

There are nothing but highlights in this trailer. Big budget movies can’t wear the same shoes as this movie. They can’t even tie its shoe laces. Not even wash its socks. 2016 is on a whole other level.

It seems all the action scenes were shot outside a house, and every other scene was shot in the house, but dammit, listen to all those explosions! I think I popped a vein on my junk from sheer adrenaline overflow.

The movie stars Alien’s African brother (hitherforth, Ali N.) and even Terminator’s African cousin (TAC). It seems Ali and TAC may be fighting and a dude in a Cosby sweater and another guy in a leather onesie are getting in their way. There’s also an empty street full of very explosive cars. Except the Ferrari; it doesn’t explode, just crushes some woman flat.

But you know what the absolute best thing about this is?

Ali kicks a baby like a mutha fudging rugby ball! This, of course, after drop-kicking the sweater guy in the face.

SO MUCH ACTION! The story line seems legit and that acting should win an Oscar or 10. Let’s not even talk about production value. Avatar wasn’t this good.

In 2016, the street outside some random house will be the site for a post-apocalyptic alien cyborg showdown.

Consider yourselves warned.

Support local cinema.

*drops mic and runs around screaming “TWENTEE SIXTEEN!”*


Did anyone else notice there’s a “1&2″ next to the title? Does that mean there are two movies? I faint… Get me my popcorn now!

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