How to Increase Your Blog Readership…

Setting up your blog on Blogger or WordPress was a piece of cake. You chose or created a theme for your blog that was simple yet eye catching, and you kept your widgets to a minimum so your blog’s content would stand out. Then, you painstakingly wrote perfect posts for your blog.

And now, you are horribly confused by the blog reading public because no one besides your friends and family are reading it. How do you increase your blog readership? What do internet saavy bloggers know that you don’t?

1.  Write for a target audience.

Successful bloggers who have large readerships began with a niche and they stuck with it. Figure out what your specialty is and center your blog around it. If you have an urge to write something completely different then create a separate blog for it. Readers find you because your content and their interests coincide.

Readers come back to your blog (which makes them part of your readership) because they know what to expect.They are also more likely to share with others. Even in today’s world, word-of-mouth is powerful, although word-of-mouth now includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, etc.

If you want readers, you have to know who your target audience is and be consistent with your content.

2.  Become a part of the blogger community.

No matter how unique you may think your content is, there are others writing about it. Find them and connect. Read the other blogs out there, get a feel for them, participate in discussions and contact the writer through email or social networks. Their audience is your audience.

Blogging is very much an ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’ proposition. For example, if you link to other blogs in your posts, they may do the same for you and it will optimize your site (more about that later).

Authors of successful blogs share their posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and join online communities related to their topic on sites like Reddit and Stumbleupon where members can contribute content.

Guest blogging for other bloggers is also a way to gain readers. In turn, accept other bloggers’ offers to post on your blog as well. After all, their readers are your readers and vice versa.

3.  Learn about online advertising and marketing.

If you are truly serious about conquering the internet, there are online advertising degrees available. But at the very least, you need to educate yourself on search engine optimization (SEO).

Popular blog platforms like Blogger and WordPress make search engine optimization extremely simple and bloggers only need to answer a few questions when they set the blog up and when they write a new post. With this input from you, the platform will save key words and some links for SEO purposes.

Although your blogger platform will help you, there is still more that you can do with SEO to gain more readers. Pay attention to key words (words people would use to search for your content) and use them as much as possible, particularly in titles and headings.

Add links to previous posts to your new posts. Try to get other bloggers to link to your site. The more links to your blog you have out there, the more search engines like you and will show you to prospective readers.

Becoming a successful blogger with a large readership is about more than creating a nice looking blog and writing well. Bloggers have to become online advertisers and internet marketers as well.


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