How to transition your business to IP phone system…

Minneapolis Small Business Phone Systems are changing. Instead of some type of switchboard and a bunch of extensions that go to a desk or office, things are becoming more mobile, more variable and providing more communication platforms. Now is the time to switch to Cloud based phone systems and get your company in the 21st century.

Making the Switch.

Once you decide on going with a VoIP phone system, you need to have the right Internet service. You will need more bandwidth to have all your communications running across the Net. Determine how many phones you need, how often and how many will be used at the same time and what the peak usage time will be. Contact your local cable or DSL company to determine which can provide you with the most bandwidth at the best cost. Have the new Internet service installed and buy or rent the appropriate modem.

Have Your Number Transferred.

Unless you want to have a new phone number, which is not recommended if you have been in business for any length of time, you will need to contact your current phone company and ask them to port our number to the Internet provider. This is generally a simple phone call but be prepared if they ask you to sign a form stating you requested the change. There are companies that try to change your phone service without your permission; the legitimate companies often require a signature to do so. Set a date for your service to be switched, allowing for time to buy and install any new equipment.

Decide on Equipment and Have it Installed.

Depending on your needs, you may choose to have VoIP desktop phones installed, utilize existing cell phones or have your calls all come through computers with a “soft phone” application. When you decide to use computers or cellphones, your system becomes much more variable and mobile. Employees may be able to log into the system from home or anywhere they can access the Internet. Having desk phones keeps the routine running almost normally, people will not need to learn new communication procedures.

Integrated Communications.

When you use the Internet for your phone use, you will also be able to keep all your other methods of communication together. Have your voice mail, email, instant messaging and text messaging all running through the cloud based phone systems. Have meetings with a video conference to make sure everyone knows what is going on and keep teams working together on documents or projects no matter where they are physically located.

Using Internet Protocol for your phone and other communications is the best way to keep up with your competition. Clients and customers will have more access to you and your business. They will feel more confident in dealing with you when they know you can be reached at almost any time. Work projects will not fall behind because someone needed to be elsewhere; they can log in and work from a remote location. Once you make the switch, you will not believe you can get so much more work done.

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