Q & A: Macharia Njuguna…

Macharia Njuguna, author of Adventure With Mash…

Macharia Njuguna is member of the Rotary Club of Madaraka…

One can read his blog here…

The 411…: Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Macharia: Sure, I am an adventurer who enjoys travel, interaction with people from different backgrounds and cultures in a bid to further understand the world and humanity. I live and love life, because if we look keenly enough; every day is an adventure. I am also a businessman in the Insurance and Corporate events sectors (http://thecorporatemc.kbo.co.ke/).

The 411…: How did you get into blogging?
Macharia: I got into blogging pretty much out of the need to reach a larger audience. See, I believe in telling and selling the story of a beautiful, enjoyable Africa full of adventure and attractions for the world to experience. What better way to spread the word than by writing and publishing a blog?

The 411…: Why did you decide to start a blog?
Macharia: I started a blog so that I could document my experiences and publish the same hoping to attract more people into the tradition of travel and adventure. I believe a lot of good comes from travel, as well as pushing one’s mental and physical strength through adventurous undertakings. It helps us understand ourselves better, appreciate others and also learn about the world outside our comfort zone. As Henry Miller says, ‘One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.’

The 411…: What was the name of your first blog?
Macharia: My blog is called Adventure With Mash.

The 411…: What blogging platform did you use to start with? What are you using now and why?
Macharia: I have always used WordPress. That’s where I started blogging and I like it as a platform. I don’t think or see myself changing to another one, unless something drastic happens, like they cease operations. 🙂

The 411…: What makes a good blog post?
Macharia: A good blog post is one that perfectly communicates to the intended audience, provokes them to share or ‘preach’ the message received and as a result catches the interest of those not in the circle of the subject blog followers, converting some into followers who are also incited to share the blogger’s message. Simply, I’d say a good blog post is one that is well crafted and laden with the intended message such that the readers feel the urge to spread it far and wide after reading it. It’s like a bush fire.

The 411…: What would you prioritize? Content? Traffic? Readers?
Macharia: The three aspects of a blog are all important at various stages of the blogging process. I however prioritize my content as I intend to remain true to my blog’s theme which is adventure (that’s what got me followers in the first place anyway ). By prioritizing the blog content, I consider and respond to the needs of my readers who will in turn enjoy the blog and feel the urge to share it far and wide, thus creating traffic and growth in the number of followers.

The 411…: What’s the best thing a blogger can give to his readers?
Macharia: The best thing that a blogger can give to his readers is relevant content. Readers visit specific blogs in search of specific information. It is therefore paramount that a blogger remains true to his blog’s theme and keep feeding the hunger of the readers on the specific topics under the main theme.

The 411…: List your three favorite blogs (the ones that you read the most).
Macharia: I read several blogs. However, here are my favorite three;

  • Baz – The Landy (out & about having fun).
  • Travellego.com.
  • Retiree Diary.

The 411…: If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?
Macharia: I would suggest that they blog on a topic they enjoy, know much about and are willing to let in other people into it. It is also necessary to clearly pick out the reason one wants to blog and remain true to it throughout, as a way of retaining and building more followers.


1) Your favorite browser? Mozilla Firefox. 
2) Your favorite search engine? Google.
3) Best thing about the Net? It avails most if not all the information we need at the tap of a button or buttons. 🙂
4) Worst thing about the Net? In some instances, it has been used to spread or preach social evils.
5) What is your favorite instant messaging software? Whatsapp.



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