Q & A: Susan Wasaba…

Susan Wasaba, author of Rain Drops…

Susan Wasaba is a Customer Service Representative at Regus…

One can read her blog here…

The 411…: Can you give us a picture of yourself?
Rain Drops: Check inbox… (i.e. if you are referring to an image of myself)

The 411…: When did you start blogging?
Rain Drops: Back in 2009.

The 411…: Did you have any specific goal in mind when you began blogging?
Rain Drops: To wake people up to change themselves and stop waiting for the government.

The 411…: What was the first blog you ever read?
Rain Drops: I can’t remember.

The 411…: How much time per day do you spend on blog-related activities (i.e.
writing, promotion, design etc)?
Rain Drops: A maximum of an hour that is if you count the number of five minutes I do it
in the course of the day.

The 411…: How do you attract traffic to your blog?
Rain Drops: Sharing it with my friends and social media

The 411…: What do you think sets your site apart from others?
Rain Drops: This is me, what do you mean.

The 411…: On your blog, is there a post that has gotten the most powerful reaction
from people?
Rain Drops: Fundamentals… (due to obvious reasons)

The 411…: In your most creative words, finish this sentence: “To blog means…”
Rain Drops: To air my linen dirty and clean together.

The 411…: If you weren’t blogging now, what would you be doing?
Rain Drops: Riding on an eagle. (I wish I could)


1) Your favorite browser? Chrome.
2) Your favorite search engine? Google.
3) Best thing about the Net? Information is available at the click of a button.
4) Worst thing about the Net? Information is available at the click of a button.
5) What is your favorite instant messaging software? I don’t know… Google Talk?


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