At a friend’s wedding in Kampala, Uganda; circa August 2013…


Greetings! My name is Michael Bullut… Born in the United Arab Emirates, I spent the first few years of my childhood living in France and the United Kingdom with my parents & siblings. Currently, I’m living in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, a beautiful, bustling city full of people and amazing places & attractions. In my late-twenties, I work as a Systems Administrator with the Multimedia University of Kenya, after graduating in 2009 with a B.Sc. in Information Technology from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology.

In addition to my technological pursuits: I excel at swimming, I have bungee jumped, I loathe suspense, I love an ice cold Mountain Dew & I believe I can speak French.

THE 411…:

A blog is a platform upon which I can build, well, anything I can dream up. It just so happens that I love dreaming about technology. And, there it is. Right there. That’s why I blog. That’s why I have a blog. To dream & to try to make my dreams come true. It’s the perfect medium for doing so. It’s flexible, customizable, attractive, entertaining, engaging, cheap & easy to use. It’s a place where I can assemble an audience, test my ideas, recruit participants, succeed, fail, learn & again, dream.


  1. hey wsup ma good ol frnd…i cn see u pimpin out urself cybernetically…good…jst b urself n tk each day as it comes…u knw they say tht “Old wood makes the best fuel, old wine is the finest and old friends are the best”…cheers n tk it easy ma good ol frnd!!!

  2. Wow am bila words!! You have really challenged me! you make it seem like we aint doing anything in school but baming!! Anyway this is great stuff!! Keep on the great resourceful work.

  3. Bro! ssup!! what do i say! just keep it real, u are truly a gud pal and a mentor to me!! i believe that u take life as a challenge and the more u encounter them[challenges] the stronger u become!! cheers kipsang!!

  4. On sato.. in Allamo Hse [KAREN], we really had fun.. but the best part was the foosball[ i call it Table Soccer]! Michael was rep. Arsenal and Myself Man-U; yes u guessed it right i beat him 3 times in a row! as usual Man-U’s really are the winners!! dont worry kipsang! there is tomorrow!

  5. This stuff is great!U are a really walking the talk.A university education is not about just going to class and cramming notes but actually applying whatchu learn there!And you are really doing it man.A suggestion though…could you include more stuff that is currently happening in Kenya that impact us directly?Like Kenya’s first locally made computer:This is a project collaboration between Jkuat and Strathmore universities, Kenyan government and other computer manufacturers to make Kenyans affordable,reliable computers to be called the Madaraka PC.Nway this just a small illustration of the stories u could include.But otherwise…this is great stuff!!!You are an inspiration!

  6. Hey Mike!

    What can I say?>… truly remarkable!! Splendid job you are doing. More local stuff would definitely be a bonus. All the best!:)

  7. Hey Mike! This is really good stuff. I agree with you- information is vital in this day and age and what other better way to share information than this….So cheers!Good job. Im looking for good articles to submit….

  8. Great work, keep up with the spirit, one day the dreams you have will become real. Obama became president at 47, so can you.

    God bless you mightily.

  9. sema big boy ,i cant belive this’s my first time me checkin your blog yani..it ‘s cool i like what you guyz do…superb..keep it up n real ..


  10. Hey Michael. Kudos on the website. I’m just reading through some of your rants…! LOL. Best wishes on your life’s dream…!!

  11. Hi,
    I let the fingers do the walking until i bumped into your nice webb…well done kid bro, saisere.

  12. This is really kul!At this time and age,we need such a person n such info!i absolutely agree with u!! Keep it up!! You can consider opening up such forums!

  13. Dear Bullut,

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  14. @Kipsang. Repost away. happy you are doing so.
    You have a cool blog, can we exchange blogrolls? I can put your blog on my blogroll,and you can do the same.

    FYI, did you know that I taught at Kabarak University for two years? It is hilarious/crazy that you grew up in UAE.

    Thanks, Rigia

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