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If you thought that the days of unpredictable electricity supply were over, think again! Unexplained power blackouts have been slowly but steadily on the rise. Service provision by the newly branded Kenya Power company is becoming a source of frustration for many Kenyan households. The Kenya Power company insists there is no generic cause to the regular blackouts. KTN’s Kathryn Omwandho now illuminates the growing problem of darkness.


Citizen’s Watch: Samuel Ngure Kariuki…

Believe it or not, the young man pictured above is the mastermind behind some of the fradulent SMSes you have been receiving on your cellphones. He’s also responsible for fraudulent advertisements that appear on our daily locals, especially in the classified section as well as the lonely hearts column. Buying a car or plot? Looking for a house?  Looking for a soulmate? Be very warned that most of those advertisements originate from within prison cells!

He has in the last four years been behind bars at the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison where he’s on death row. The sad thing is he’ll soon be among us if his appeal goes through. He has been working with fellow conmen who are in our midst to swindle innocent wananchi of their hard earned cash. Thanks to the naivety of most Kenyans, this young man has become a millionaire behind bars & now employs several conmen who help him do what he knows best, coning you & I!

This is a man who’ll do anything, impersonate anyone just to make you part with your money. If you’re wondering how he does it behind bars without meeting you, he’ll always claim to be busy in & out of the country & as such has to leave most of his work to his “personal assistant” (employed conmen outside prison), therefore, you’ll never question his absence until you’re robbed, after which he throws away that SIM card & moves on to his next victim. His tactics are very well organized & it’s very hard to even imagine that he’s behind bars; don’t we all now know that inmates usually have access to high tech mobile phones & even laptops that enable them to communicate to the outside world as though they were not in jail? Samuel Ngure Kariuki is one untouchable inmate at the “Condemn G” block, nicknamed “Garrisa Lodge” due to the fraudulent business deals that take place with the outside world…

The way his appeal case at the high court is going, there’s every indication that this man will be back among us, moreover, we can’t talk of any reforms on his part. If anything, the prison has only made him a better conman & thief! It’s with this in mind that we request you to circulate this. Who knows? He may soon join your neighbourhood, he might come knocking at your office selling you stuff that only exits on paper or your church… He might even become your friend’s boyfriend, who knows? Fact is, he’s very gentlemanly in his ways, very eloquent in his English & you’ll never suspect he’s a conman & thief.