Leadership In Business…

It’s never the staff of an organization that’s at fault, typically the leadership. I’ll give a few examples:

  1. Sun Tzu & Emperor Wu – For those who have read the story, the leadership of the troops to be led by Wu’s concubines is all that changed. The troops remained the same.
  2. Kenya Airways – Rose to be one of the most profitable companies in East Africa with basically the same employees. Leadership changed.
  3. Safaricom – It was initially a department in Telkom Kenya. Leadership!
  4. Apple – The nearly bankrupt organization never laid off all its employees, merely changed the structure.

I believe an approach which begins with getting rid of staff isn’t only myopic but also shows a fundamental inability to inspire / work with diverse people:

  • Were any of the employees incompetent?
  • Were any of the employees too expensive? (e.g. Were they being paid more than they were generating?)
  • Was there gross misconduct on the part of the employees?

If this is not the case then firing the employee effectively makes the organization “toxic”. How?

  • Talented individuals will avoid it because it’s evidently & openly a caustic environment.
  • Only people who have no alternative will work there given that management has no consideration for tenure.
  • Organizational culture / information/know how is lost… You can’t document relationships (relationships with suppliers, customers etc).

Such moves, in my opinion do more harm than good to organizational culture.


My Television Debut…


If you thought that the days of unpredictable electricity supply were over, think again! Unexplained power blackouts have been slowly but steadily on the rise. Service provision by the newly branded Kenya Power company is becoming a source of frustration for many Kenyan households. The Kenya Power company insists there is no generic cause to the regular blackouts. KTN’s Kathryn Omwandho now illuminates the growing problem of darkness.

Google HQ…


Who said life is fair anyway? 😦

Moving around: A slide allows quick access from different floors... There are also poles available, similar to the ones used in fire stations...

Food: Employees can eat all they want from a vast choice of food and drink...

Work Station: Each employee has at least two large screens... There are 4-6 'Zooglers' per office...

Innovation: Large boards are available just about everywhere because "ideas don't always come when seated in the office" says one of Googles managers...

Leisure: Pool tables, video games etc. are available in many areas...

Communication: On each floor, there are private cabin areas where employees can attend to personal affairs...

Communication: On each floor, there are private cabin areas where employees can attend to personal affairs.


Technical Support: Problem with your computer? No problem! Bring it to this area where drinks are available while it is being fixed...

Health: Professional masseurs available!

Rest: This room provides massage chairs that you control while you view relaxing aquariums...

Ambiance: There are many books in this library... Even some about programming!

15 Scary Facebook Statistics…

Facebook Logo...


1) With 350 Million active users (as of Dec 2009), If Facebook was a country, it would be the 3rd Largest in the World, beating the US by a hefty 50 Million, and the total number is expected to double by the end of 2010

2) An average user will spend an hour (55 minutes) a day on Facebook, and it is predicted that the world will collectively spend well over 5 Billion days on Facebook by the end of 2010

3) 55 Million Status Updates per day (Twitter has 6 Million tweets per day)

4) Number of photos uploaded onto Facebook in 3 months exceeds the total population of the human race

5) People who use Facebook Mobile are 50% more active (on the site) than those who use regular Facebook

6) 150 Million people will log into Facebook on any given day

7) Facebook’s 22,500 inefficient PHP servers contribute to 65,333 tons of Carbon Dioxide per year, equivalent to half the city of New York…

8) …By switching to more efficient C++ programming, Facebook’s carbon emissions can potentially be cut by 49,000 tons

9) Facebook spends over £7,440,000 per year on electricity to run its servers, and £3,720,000 a year on its bandwidth (phone bill)

10) A single photo uploaded, processed and saved onto Facebook’s Servers will consume more energy than boiling an average half filled kettle.

11) Over half a million active applications are available for the Facebook platform, compared to around 150,000 available for the iPhone

12) Canada has the highest Facebook penetration with almost 30% of its population possessing a Facebook account. Surprisingly, China and Japan have one of the lowest, 0.2% and 0.13% respectively

13) Michael Jackson is the most popular fan page with 10,537,099 members and increasing by around 40,000 a week. This is followed by Barack Obama’s page with 7,080,123 members

14) Most of Facebook’s users are 18 to 24 years old and in the majority of countries, there are slightly more female members than male

…And Finally

15) In the time taken for you to read this article, Facebook would have earned £1,769 in total revenue and contributed to 621.5Kg of Carbon Emissions.