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A letter to my dear son as he grows up…


Inspired by a fellow blogger’s article… (All credit goes to The Birthright Blog!) 8)

I know you can’t wait until your next birthday, until you finish school, until you leave home. Your childhood is precious. Don’t be too eager to grow up.

The responsibilities of adulthood come soon enough and you will be an adult longer than you will have been a child. Yet you are on the threshold of your future, the decisions you make today have huge ramifications of the quality of life you will lead.

There is nothing new under the sun. The formula for success has been invented. Learn and apply it.

It doesn’t matter that “everyone else is doing it,” maintain your standards and never lose sight of your values.

Avoid anything that leads to addiction, master your life, don’t be mastered by substances. Yours is the generation of reality TV. Try not to get hooked on it. Get out and experience the world instead of being consumed by the melodrama in other people’s lives.

And when it comes to your day, work first and play later. Do the dishes before you watch television, your homework before you talk to your friends  Life has a way of falling into place if you approach it this way. However, always remember to play, and that you are never too old to play.

And then rest. The Sabbath is God’s way of reminding us to take time out to rest and rejuvenate our soul, body and mind.

When it comes to choosing a career, where possible, live and do what you love. Choose an occupation that you are good at, and passionate about. Work hard and work smart. No employer will ever pay you what you are worth, so learn the art of negotiating a good package, or time off when you need it.

Financial future…

Every time you get an income, avoid the temptation to spend it all. Be clever with money, learn how to handle it and don’t give the reins of your financial future to someone else.

Avoid gambles and get rich quick schemes. Save, invest and give back. There are a lot of things that money can buy, but the most valuable resource you will ever have is time.

When it comes to relationships, love is as love does. Forget what they say and pay attention to what they do. One day, you will fall in love and you will wonder if she is “the one”.

Remember that time heals most wounds and dulls others. Although it may not seem like it at the time, you will get over your first heartbreak.

Find and keep solid boys. They will be your lifeline. Avoid the temptation to hang out only with people who tell you what you want to hear. Have one or two friends who “call it like it is” and speak truth into your life. Keep away from people who tell you about others. They will tell others about you.

Over the course of your life, you will encounter many nagging questions. If you still have doubts about a decision, whether it is to take or quit a job, get married or leave a relationship, sleep on it.


Science & Religion…

A couple of years ago, in an e-mail forum I’m a member of, we were discussing the big bang experiment being conducted at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. While it was a scientific and engineering marvel, a few colleagues put forth the sums spent to set up the largest machine on Earth together are stupendous, a whooping $10 billion isn’t your everyday lump of cash (which was Kenya’s 2008/2009 budget), all in the name of proving a theory. Of whose benefit will it be if they finally prove that antimatter & dark energy exists? What will quark-gluon plasma and bosons mean to the everyday earthling? Let me know what you guys think of my argument below… 😉

If I may ask you: What is the significance of research? Or more deeply: What is the purpose of meaning? I’ll leave you to answer the latter question for yourselves. I’m a staunch advocate of research for the reason being most of mankind’s greatest advancements wouldn’t have seen the light of day if a certain man/woman hadn’t taken the initiative to investigate better ways on how to execute certain/everyday tasks.Here are a few of them:
  • Alexander Graham Bell & his invention of the telephone. [Communication]
  • Alexander Flemming & his discovery of penicillin. [Medicine]
  • Thomas Edison & his invention of the electric bulb. [Engineering?]

In the advancement of knowledge:

  • Albert Einstein & his theory of relativity. [Physics]
  • Alfred Wegner & his theory of continental drift. [Geology, Geography]
  • Charles Darwin & his theory of evolution. [Biology]
  • Nicolaus Copernicus & his theory of heliocentric cosmology. [Astronomy]
Onto the subject of the experiments being conducted at the Large Hadron Collider situated at CERN, their raison d’être is to scrutinize The Big Bang Theory. One of science’s (& life’s) greatest mysteries is the origin of everything (the universe, life itself etc). There are two schools of thought that try to illustrate this: Religion & Science. The former explains that the universe was created by a supreme being, God, at the beginning of time & took six days with our Heavenly Father resting on the seventh day. The latter explains that the universe was created in a cataclysmic explosion originating from the most infinitesimal particle of matter which has expanded (over the course of fifteen billion years & counting) to what we observe today through telescopes. Of course, these schools of thought have their respective weaknesses. Religion can’t describe how God executed the creation process e.g. did he just snap his fingers when an idea came to mind or did he follow a procedure which culminated in an entity (star, planet, black hole etc)? Forgive me for offending/insulting my fellow Christians but what most of them don’t understand is that the Bible is just a chronological series of events & not a biographical-like text. Picture this: the book of Genesis tells us the world was created in six days. How supremely confident are we that these are six Earth days? My quagmire is this: Does time pass at the same rate between us & God? My answer: Time Dilation, i.e. from the perspective of any observer within the same frame of reference & without reference to another frame of reference, time always passes at the same rate. “According To The Evidence” by Erich Von Daniken gives a good case of this. Science, on the other hand, explains how matter operates (from the atomic level) which answers questions as how the ozone layer is depleted, how the sun creates its energy that sustains life on Earth (though partly) etc though it can’t explain who kick-started creation. My school of thought combines both religion & science to explain the origin of everything. My proposition is this: Science explains how God created & Religion explains why God created. God used science to create the universe & religion explains why we are here in the first place. Peter, understand why the physicists are conducting these experiments. They just want to find answers to questions that have plagued us since time immemorial. Whether or not they succeed, they’ll definitely uncover knowledge that could be beneficial in our comprehension of the universe.

The Placenta Party of Kenya…


Last week, Esther Arunga & Joseph Hellon held another press conference to reveal how insane they are. Their political party is called The Placenta Party of Kenya because according to Hellon, the country’s in a “gestation period” with its tagline being “Taking back Kenya, change we can count on.” Catch how Esther & Hellon announced their perverse political party in the video below:

Esther Arunga Sues Parents…


Esther, go ahead & live your life but suing your parents is going overboard… I hope your eyes get opened & see the great love your parents who nursed you from infancy have for you! The first commandment with a promise is you respect your parents… Sorry to get personal but I see a lot of evil in the eyes of this Quincy!

Esther Arunga on Capital Talk (K24)…


Comical relief indeed! Jeff, you’re always excellent in comical interviewing! On a side note, there is more than meets the eye… Esther is unbelievably ludicrous! She almost comes out as Hellon’s concubine (notice when she says “Our house in Runda was raided”). What achievements has she got to her credit to enhance her VP candidature? Another thing, when she describes Hellon & Kuyu as a “a powerful couple who’ve got the keys to wealth, prosperity & relationships”, is she revealing the things she covets most?

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