The Cosmos

India-Pakistan Border From Space…


See the orange line? This is what the border between Pakistan & India (floodlit for surveillance purposes) looks like at night, from space. The bundles of light in the photo, which was taken from north to south, are the following cities: Delhi (top center), Srinagar (left), Lahore (center, just below the border line) & Islamabad (bottom center.) The picture, taken by the International Space Station’s Expedition 28 crew, was shot on Aug. 21 & recently released.


The Milky Way from The Top of The World…


Here is an exquisite photograph of the Milky Way seemingly wedged into a mountainside of Nepal. The below photograph, taken by the gifted photographer Anton Jankovoy in Annapurna, a region of Nepal that has been uplifted as a whole piece (called a massif) & reaches elevations of over 8,000 meters. Judging from Anton’s photo, it may very well be worth the trouble of visiting. What must it be like to stand in that spot and see first hand such astronomical and geological magnificence?