1. Nice!
    Lets blow this concept up; get more cameras and make an online photo book about the city. Am serious about this Mike – stop laughing at it!!!
    Wat u think abt it ppl??

  2. Very, very beautiful snapshots of Nairobi! However like somone else has said, you could include captions and expand the coverage to give an almost ‘a bird’s eye view ‘of Nairobi. If not possible, this is still billiant!

  3. Hey Mike,

    This is amazing!
    Love the pictures!
    wen did u start this?

    im seriously bila words!…dnt laugh!

    Keep it up!
    U got a 411 junkie in the making!

  4. i truly extremely immensely luv this thanks 4 these 4tos seems lyk u read ma mind i was just about 2 ask 4 dem 🙂

  5. I love the pictures. I think I appreciated kenya a little less. I believe with this beauty we can run a site or customize a content management system about kenya and its beauty. If possible in the please add some caption.

    Men I salute you.

  6. I just love the photos, proudly kenyan !
    Kenya is greater than YES and NO plus all the politaical parties combined. It is about the people and our rich culture.

  7. Beautiful pichas, Mike. Just remember to keep the lens clean from finger prints (quite visible in the photo of the car in the sun) … Ciao. Best wishes

  8. I wonder how far we could have been had it not been bad governance,I pray to be alive to see Nairobi in 2030.

  9. wonderful..get more photos of the people themselves though if you can,not just the buildings..how people live and interact,from rugby tournaments,rallies,nightlife,public holidays,mats etc..the photos are amazing lakini.beautiful.

  10. Brilliant piece of Art……a beautiful city,cute buildings….. Great Nation ….Viva Kenya,Viva Africa…. Thanks for posting …..keep it up!!

  11. just a few corners looks nice, the rest is shit, bad air, crime, and more poor than rich. the worst health system and accidents. all hide behind the buildings.

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