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C.A.K. to launch common Internet Exchange Point…


The Communications Authority of Kenya has begun a project towards having a common Internet Exchange Point within East Africa. Hence, Internet service provision will soon be spread across East Africa & this is expected to significantly reduce the cost of browsing the Internet and cost of service to customers. The government will implement the East Africa Internet Exchange project in view of the increased Internet usage within the region, which calls for improved I.C.T. infrastructure upgrade. Further, regional integration has also bolstered efforts to provide services on line.

The Internet’s Undersea World…


This infographic provides information about the Internet cables placed under the Earth’s oceans that provide internet for people around the world. The infographic also provides visuals to show where the cables were placed and information about the world’s longest internet cables. It also provides information for how many people were affected by the Alexandria accident.



How to unsubscribe from any premium rate service on a Safaricom line…

Have you ever found yourself trapped in a premium service that you didn’t know how you signed up to? Or you even are sure you didn’t subscribe but there your airtime is being deducted regularly (sometimes in huge chunks)? Well there is a D.I.Y. solution on Safaricom:

  • On pre-paid, dial *100# and on post-paid, dial *200#.
  • You will get a list of options as seen above, select Premium Rate Services.
  • Inside Premium Services, select My Subscriptions.
  • This will list all the premium services you are subscribed to.
  • You have an option to unsubscribe to each or all of them.